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Who is a Snackbitch?

Updated: Apr 4

Definition of SnackBitch. It reads: noun, plural snack·bitches. a person whose only job is to provide snacks to little turd blossoms a person who always has snacks on them a person who caters to the culinary preferences of little humans a person who loves to eat good food a person who always shares their food to small humans a person who values their life, which is why they cut the crusts off bread when demanded

Snacks, have you ever wondered what it means to be a Snackbitch? Honestly, it's not that complicated, it's basically just us moms who worry about feeding little gremlins that will turn into monsters if not fed properly. Honestly, a Snackbitch is someone who values their life.

The secret life of a Snackbitch

Imagine you're on a safari, but instead of animals, you're spotting the mood swings of toddlers and their snack demands. That's the day-to-day of a Snackbitch. Our bags? Less fashion statement, more portable pantry. Inside, you'll find everything from those snacks that sound like they were made in a science lab (gluten-free, non-GMO, kale... something) to the latest craze that's got the kids talking (Are Takis still a thing?). The key? Always be prepared. The "I'm hungry" chorus can strike at any moment, and we, Snacks, are always ready to throw a snack bar like a lifeline in a stormy sea.

The fine dining experience of a three-foot critic

Now, catering to the ever-evolving tastes of our little humans is like being a contestant on a cooking show where the judges change the rules every minute. Yesterday's favorite snack is today's food nemesis. But it's OK, because as Snackbitches we're flexible, we're resilient But fear not, for we are flexible, we are resilient — and maybe a little terrified.

It's a delicate dance of offering nutrition and bending to whims ("But I wanted the blue plate!"), all while trying to sneak in a veggie or two. Our mission? To not just feed their bellies but feed their sense of adventure through the taste lands of Fruitville and Veggie Forest, one snack at a time.

Snack-sharing: The ultimate love language

Here's where the heart of a Snackbitch truly shines. It's not just about feeding our own kiddos; it's about spreading the snack love far and wide. Sharing a bite with our tiny humans is our love language, our way of saying, "I care." It's about those moments of connection, those giggles over goldfish crackers, and those quiet talks over a shared cookie. We're the snack-sharers, the peacemakers, the "I've got you covered" whisperers in a room full of hangry toddlers.

Why we cut crusts: A love story

Look, we all know it's about the damn crust, or how we cut up the pancake or muffin — it's about control for me and we just need to let them It's not just about avoiding a meltdown; it's our silent vow that we're here, we're listening, and we'll go that extra mile (or slice) for their happiness. It's these small acts, Snacks, that say, "Your happiness matters to me. And I honestly can't hear you shrieking anymore." And sure, while we dream of a day when our culinary efforts are met with more than a shrug, we know each crustless sandwich is a building block in the fortress of their childhood memories.

So, to all my fellow Snackbitches, wear that title with pride. We're the snack packers, the peacekeepers, the silent heroes armed with wet wipes and a never-ending supply of patience. We navigate the whims of toddler taste buds with the grace of a snack ninja, always ready to tackle the next "I'm hungry" with a smile and a snack at the ready.

Here's to us, Snacks, the keepers of the snacks, the soothers of the hangry. May our snack bags always be full, and may our little ones one day understand the depth of love in every snack-packed lunchbox. Cheers to the Snackbitches may your life be filled with laughter, love, and a whole lot of tasty treats.


K (The Mama Snackbitch)

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